Can I Claim?

Where there is a blame there is a claim is the moto, but it is as simple as that. Every case differs and you may not be at fault for an accident that you have had. It is always best to get advice from the professionals. Even if a solicitor was to turn you case down another solicitor may be always willing to accept your claim.
1. Can I Claim? yes-or-no

Yes or not?

Remember each case is different so do not assume you don’t have a valid claim. Make sure you always ask the professionals if you are unsure or you have any queries so they can give you the best advice.

2. Let us check it

Who is at fault?

It is always best to give our office a call, you can gain a lot of information from a simple call. If you are 50% to blame for the accident you may be entitled to 50% of compensation.

3. Time Limits

Each case is different

All cases are different and in some cases you may have more or less time in which  to make a claim. You may be able to claim more or less compensation, it’s always best to contact the professionals for their advice.

4. Evidence


Most insurance companies like to dispute every penny so the more evidence you have to support your claim the better. So make sure you collect and gather any information such as pictures, records and documentation.