Dental Negligence Compensation Claims

Dental Negligence Compensation Claims Medical Negligence Lawyers

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Common Dental Negligence Compensation Claims could be for:

What could be worse that a trip to the dentist that goes awry? No one enjoys visiting the dentist, but we expect those who treat us to offer us a high level of care. Dentists have a duty of care to ensure that they perform their duties to a high standard and if your dentist has failed you then file a claim for medical negligence.

There are four main types of dental negligence that we deal with for our clients. For these cases, we will seek to get the maximum compensation from the dental practice, who in are covered by insurance policies for just such an eventuality.

  • Incorrect prescription of medicine or failure to prescribe
  • Carelessness while performing a procedure – this includes causing an injury when performing a procedure, or using outdated techniques meaning the patient’s recovery is jeopardised
  • Incorrect treatment, or treatment which is unnecessary
  • Diagnosing an issue incorrectly if the misdiagnosis leads to increased pain or suffering on the part of the patient
  • What Can Be Claimed for in a Dental Negligence Case?You can claim for the cost of any replacement treatment you have to take to rectify the problems that the dentist’s negligence has caused you. You can also claim for any other expenses that you have accrued due to the dentist’s negligence, such as loss of earnings, transportation costs and prescription charges.

An Example Case

Ina recent dental negligence case, a dentist failed to diagnose that a woman had a specific condition that caused holes in her teeth and continued to perform treatments on her over the course of three years. This treatment cases the patient to suffer from extremely painful toothache which resulted in the patient taking time off of work. After filling a claim for dental negligence the patient was awarded £20,000 in compensation.

Making a Dental Negligence Claim

When making a claim, it needs to be shown that the care you received was well below what would be expected from a competent dental practitioner. This can be tricky to show, but with our skilled Medical Negligence Lawyers working for you, you will receive the maximum compensation that you are due for the mistreatment of the dentist. This is not about punishing a dentist for their mistake, but getting the right compensation for the trauma and pain that you have had to go through due to their negligence. Allow us to help you make that claim.

Time Limits

If you or a loved one has suffered from dental negligence you should contact us as soon as you can.

There are time limits which must be followed.

Adults must file a claim for compensation within three years from the date of the incident or three years from the date of acknowledgement that the injury or illness is a result of medical negligence.

Children have until their 21st birthday in which a claim must be filed. This is regardless of when the accident took place.

Adults and children without mental capacity have no time limit in which they can file a claim. This rule is very specific so if you believe this is relative in your case you should contact or Medical Negligence Lawyers to make sure this rule applies to you.

If a claim is filled too late you may lose the right to compensation which is rightfully yours.

If you or a loved one has suffered from dental negligence contact us today and receive a free no obligation consultation with one of our Medical Negligence Lawyers. You can get in touch by filling in our online claim form, requesting a call back or by calling us on the number above.

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