Fatal Medical Negligence Claims

Fatal Medical Negligence Claims Medical Negligence Lawyers

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It is never easy to lose someone we love – but when it is due to somebody else’s negligence, it seems to hurt even more. Not only are you coping with your loss, you are dealing with the fact that this death could have been prevented. Compounded with the financial cost you are now experiencing, it can almost be too much to bear. You may be feeling anger, confusion and regret. However, if you feel that someone close to you had been mistreated by the medical professional looking after them you may be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Fatal Medical Negligence and Inquests Compensation Claims

Fatal accidents involving an error in treatment or mismanagement are always tough to prove mainly because the primary witness is no longer alive. Fatalities can unfortunately arise due to a multitude of medical mishaps including: delayed diagnosis, failure to recognise symptoms, offering the incorrect drugs, pulmonary embolism, surgical errors, birthing errors – the list can go on and on.

Coroner’s Inquest

In some cases, if the cause of death is hard to determine, the case could be sent to the coroner. The coroner will perform an inquest to find out the cause of death. The coroner is not tasked with attributing blame and certainly not liability but simply to come up with the definitive cause of death of the patient. This of course will have great bearing on a medical negligence case.

Outcome of an Inquest

There are several verdicts a coroner could conclude to. Some of the most relevant ones, related to medical negligence include: natural causes, accidental death, neglect (cannot be a verdict in and of itself, only in conjunction with another; could include failure to provide adequate care), misadventure (death resulting from deliberate actions, though not necessarily intentional) or an open verdict (wherein there is insufficient evidence to reach any verdict).

Fatal Negligence Compensation Claims

Unfortunately, the cost of a coroner’s inquest is paid for privately – that is not through public funding – but it could be absolutely priceless to obtain, especially as a medical negligence claim could be uncovered. If you even have a doubt regarding the circumstances of your loved one’s death, it is not only helpful to contact our Medical Negligence Lawyers; it just may even be priceless. The entire process is lengthy and emotionally trying, but achieving justice for your loved one makes it worth it. Our specialist Medical Negligence Lawyers will not only advise you on the proper steps to take, but they can also prove their worth in doing the hard work for you. They research endlessly and tirelessly to find the exact circumstances around the death and can consult professional experts that the general public may have limited access to. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers are extremely experienced in similar cases and can take a bit some of the emotional strain and toll away from you in this highly sensitive time.

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