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GP Negligence Claims Medical Negligence Lawyers

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General Practitioners have a huge responsibility on their hands. They are often the first port of call should a patient fall ill or suspect they may have an illness. GPs are under a duty of care to act in the best interests of each patient and while this does happen the majority of the time, unfortunately mistakes do happen and result in the patient suffering in some way.

Examples of where a GP could act negligently is, if they fail to refer a patient to a specialist or by prescribing the incorrect medication or not prescribing any medication. By doing this these could result in the patient suffering unnecessarily.

Our solicitors can help you claim compensation for the pain and suffering caused by a negligent GP. They will also help you to claim back any out of pocket expenses you have for example, loss of earnings if you have had to take time out of work, travel expenses to and from any medical appointments and prescription charges.

Our solicitors have over 20 years experience in dealing with GP negligence claims have helped thousands of people recover compensation. They also work on a “no win no fee”* basis. This ensures there are no fees to pay before starting your claim – it is completely risk free.

The compensation amounts awarded in GP negligence claims vary from case to case. The awarded amount is calculated by looking at a number of different factors such as, pain and suffering the injury or illness has caused, the affect it will have on the patients futures employment, age of the patient for example.

Below are a few examples of compensation amounts which could be awarded following GP negligence.

Brain Injury – Between £1,788 and £326,700
Lung Cancer – Between £56,650 and £110,000
Hearing Loss – Between £5,665 and £88,660
Back Injury – Between a few hundred pounds and £130,130
Hernia – Between £2,750 and 19,525

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