Hospital Negligence Compensation Claims

Hospital Negligence Compensation Claims Medical Negligence Lawyers

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Severity of Hospital Negligence

Hospital negligence is perhaps one of the worst possible cases of medical negligence. This is mainly because the hospital is where surgery is undertaken and more often than not where some of the most extreme cases will come from. A malpractice case in a hospital setting can involve serious injury, deformation or pain. Since a doctor prescribing medication and diagnosing patients can change his or her course of action, many problems can be mitigated. In a hospital it is much different, oftentimes accidents are severe and can cost lives in moments. Beyond that, there are things outside of the doctor’s control, such as nurses and room cleanliness that can weigh in. All of these factors make the hospital a potential place for negligence.

Necessity of a Medical Lawyer

Often a hospitals or doctors are backed with a large amount of funds, lawyers and mandatory malpractice insurance. This means that when a doctor or hospital makes a mistake and a patient or patient’s family suffers, it is easier for them to deal with the legal system. As an individual, this would be an incredibly complex task to undertake without proper medical and legal information and training. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers can provide the necessary experience and knowledge to bring a case against a hospital or doctor. They can provide the necessary legal counsel and skill, ensuring that the claims process usually goes much more smoothly and often with trials in court being avoided.

Importance of Medical Negligence Cases

Often people who visit a healthcare provider have a limited understanding of how the human body works. Because of this, aches or pains after a surgery for example, may not always be attributed to negligence on the surgeon’s part.

Unless cases are brought against healthcare providers and hospitals for poor work, others may suffer the same fate. For some this could be potentially a death or permanent disability, all from a mistake of a healthcare provider. While there are cases that may seem “less important” they are equally important on some levels. For example, a poor plastic surgeon that disfigures his or her patient needs to be held accountable and people need to know this is occurring.

Filling a medical negligence case can also help the patient to avoid high medical bills. When liability is accepted in a claim our Medical Negligence Lawyers may be able to arrange for an interim payment to be made. This payment is a portion of the overall compensation amount received, which is paid to the claimant prior to the case being settled and can be used to pay medical bills, adaptations to properties and to cover any loss of earnings the claimant may have.

Time Limits

If you or a loved one has suffered from medical negligence in a hospital you should contact us as soon as you can.

There are time limits which must be followed.

  • Adults must file a claim for compensation within three years from the date of the incident or three years from the date of acknowledgement that the injury or illness is a result of medical negligence.
  • Children have until their 21st birthday in which a claim must be filed. This is regardless of when the accident took place.
  • Adults and children without mental capacity have no time limit in which they can file a claim. This rule is very specific so if you believe this is relative in your case you should contact or Medical Negligence Lawyers to make sure this rule applies to you.
  • In fatal accidents a claim must be filed within three years from the date of death.

If you file a claim too late you may lose the right to compensation which is rightfully yours.

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