How do I make an effective complaint about clinical negligence?

How do I make an effective complaint about clinical negligence? Medical Negligence Lawyers

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Unfortunately, patients all over the UK are receiving negligent medical care. It is disheartening, however action MUST be taken in order to prevent this for other patients.

The National Health Service does have a system that works with patient complaints regarding their treatment – and should be the absolute first agency you contact regarding your level of care, in addition to your general practitioner who is responsible for your medical negligence. The NHS has a legal obligation to investigate your claim promptly and objectively. It is important to note that complaints must be made within 6 months of the incident (or 6 months of becoming apparent to you).

Early Settlement

Oftentimes, the clinic involved will want to meet in order to complete an early settlement of the complaint. It should be noted that an appeals process can also be taken, if you are not satisfied with the decision – however the NHS complaints system is intended to prevent litigation, and will not come into play if you do decided to pursue legal action. Also – even if the doctor or clinician apologizes for the medical negligence, it is not an admission of guilt, or serve as proof that negligence has occurred.

Why Should I Take Legal Action?

First off – pursuing legal action will be of no initial cost to you. You will absolutely not be charged at all, until your case is won, and you are actually able to pay – as victims of medical negligence are often left without the ability to function and work in the manner they were before the accident.

What Do Medical Solicitors Do?

Medical negligence solicitors seek to get clients the compensation and respect they deserve. Your solicitor will be able to complete a lot of the “legwork” involved with proving your case against your clinician. We have been through the process numerous times, and have had several successful claims wherein our clients have been rightfully compensated for their losses. Our access to medical experts will also prove your case, and be able to provide information regarding the standard of care you should have received, but did not, due to your clinician or doctor’s errors.

You deserve to be compensated for all of your losses – including pain and suffering involved due to your negligence. You will be compensated for your loss of wages, and pain and suffering associate with your injury.

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