Improper C-Section Medical Negligence

Improper C-Section Medical Negligence

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C-sections are usually carried out when medical staff feel that a normal delivery process would pose a serious health threat to the mother or the baby or both. Initially there were some safety concerns raised about C-sections, due to the various side effects. Advancements in medical technology has made the C-section procedure much safer. In spite of this, medical staff might still end up not using the right methods, causing side effects in patients undergoing delivery through C-sections. Due to improper C-section procedures, medical staff can cause injuries to both the mother and the new-born baby. Some of the injuries caused can damage the surrounding organs, such as the bladder.

C-Sections can either be planned or unplanned. Medical staff resort to unplanned C-sections when there is an inordinate delay in delivery, or when the umbilical cord surrounds the baby’s neck obstructing the normal delivery of the baby. When improper methods are used to perform C-sections, there are chances of the baby being seriously injured. The baby can get laceration and bruising marks that might require stitching. In some cases, it leaves a permanent mark on the baby.

Family members have every right to claim for the damages caused to the mother or the baby or to both.The affected family members can take the help of an experienced medical negligence solicitor having many new years in handling C-Section damage claims.

We are a medical negligence solicitor in the U.K with years of experience in dealing with compensation claims related to the side effects caused by improper C-section procedures. Our solicitors go through the case in depth and ensure that the injury to the baby or the mother was caused by a faulty C-Section procedure adopted by the medical staff.

Once our solicitors are sure that the medical staff is at fault, we start with the compensation claims process. Our solicitors work on a “No Win, No Fee” basis. This ensures that our clients need not pay any money if the compensation claims process fails to yield the desired results. Our clients also have the option of withdrawing from the claims process at any point in time without the need to pay any consultation charges. Our solicitors include all aspects when arriving at the overall compensation amount. This includes hospitalization charges and maintenance charges related to the recovery of the mother or the baby at home.

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