Late Diagnosis of Coronary Disease


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Coronary disease is the number one killer of all in the UK. Every year more than 161,000 people die from heart attacks. Approximately €19 billion is spent on treatment for conditions related to the heart and heart attacks yearly.

When diagnosed timely and properly, individuals affected by coronary artery disease have a good shot at recovery and a healthy heart as the result. However, it is up to a medical professional to make the right diagnosis, and sadly this doesn’t always happen. If you have been a victim of a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis of coronary artery disease and are now suffering the consequences, you might want to talk to a solicitor and learn if you might have a claim for damages.

When a doctor sees a patient, it is his duty to properly diagnose and treat that patient. Although other conditions can be mistaken for coronary artery disease, it is up to the doctor to ensure that the right problem is indicated, thus the right treatment initiated as soon as possible. He has a duty of care to his patient to do this. When he fails that patient, he must be held responsible.

To file a lawsuit for damages against a medical professional you must be able to prove that negligence did occur. There must be damages involved, of course, and you must also provide that a breach of contract occurred by the failure to treat you on time.

Solicitors offer free consultations to discuss the matter in greater detail. There is no obligation associated with this consultation, so you never have to hire the solicitor if you do not want to hire them. Of course, if you have a case and wish to pursue the matter, the solicitor is ready to help you out. The services of the solicitor are provided on a “no win, no fee” basis, meaning if they do not win your case, you owe them nothing.

You deserve to be treated fairly and with the highest of care and concern. Wen that does not happen, do not watch justice fall to the ground. Stand up for yourself and against wrong that you have been caused and see that justice is served.

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