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Medical Complaints

Medical staff in the United Kingdom perform a great job in identifying the underlying medical problems and giving the necessary treatment to set right medical conditions. But, in certain cases, once the treatment begins, the medical staff fails to properly monitor the progress of the patient responding to the treatment. Different patients react differently to a certain form of treatment. The patient might have developed an infection in response to the treatment provided. Oral drugs consumed by the patient can also cause allergic reactions on the patient. The medical staff has to conduct checks on a regular basis and ensure that the patient undergoing the treatment doesn’t suffer from any adverse reactions.

In cases where the patient develops serious complications over a period of time in response to the treatment provided, the medical staff have to immediately attend to the problem and see to it that the patient comes back to normalcy. This can be achieved only when the medical staff performs their monitoring effectively. If family members feel that the medical staff is not properly doing the monitoring job and their family member is being adversely affected by this, they can take the help of a medical negligence solicitor and file a compensation claim against the medical service provider for not performing their monitoring duty in an effective manner. The medical negligence solicitor will usually evaluate the validity of the case before deciding to take up the compensation claims case.

A medical negligence solicitor will ask for evidence to prove that the patient’s health condition had deteriorated during the course of the treatment. The proof can be in the form of test reports and scan reports that show the worsening condition of the patient’s body. We are one such medical negligence solicitors with vast experience in handling compensation claims related to improper monitoring services provided by the medical staff during patient’s recovery stage.

The compensation claim would include amount that would be spent on long term care, rehabilitation expenses, future loss of earnings because of the inability to perform any work during recovery, expenses incurred on undergoing physiotherapy, traveling expenses, and expenses related to getting treatment for psychological problems. Some of the instances of improper monitoring include prescribing a medicine to the patient without thinking about the side effects caused by the drug, and failure to explain the risks of performing the operation. Some cosmetic surgery treatments such as nose jobs, lip injections, Botox and hair transplants require proper monitoring and are ideal candidates for compensation claims.

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