The Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Process

The Medical Negligence Compensation Claim Process Medical Negligence Lawyers

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Accident -> Injury -> Claim -> Compensation

Injuries caused due to medical negligence can lead to minor injuries, or in some cases can lead to catastrophic injuries resulting in the affected person being confined to a bed for the rest of his/her life. In one such case, a young girl who underwent a minor routine surgery in the NHS became a paraplegic due to the wrong surgical procedures being performed by the surgeons. In such cases, whether minor or major, the affected person has the rights to file a medical negligence claim against the medical service provider or a hospital whose medical staff had carried out the surgery.

Was it Medical Negligence?

The first and foremost requirement for the affected party to consider before making a claim is to make sure that the injuries had been caused by the wrong procedures being implemented by the healthcare provider. This is where our experienced Medical Negligence Lawyers plays an important role in collecting the required information needed for establishing that the healthcare provider was at fault for the injuries caused due to medical negligence.

The Claim Process Explained

Our experienced Medical Negligence Lawyers have many years of experience in handling successful medical negligence claims. They go through a systematic process in order to obtain the eligible claim for our clients who had suffered from serious injuries due to the medical negligence of the concerned care provider.

  1. As a first step, your Medical Negligence Lawyer will ensure that the injuries have been caused by the wrong treatment or an unwanted surgical process provided by the healthcare provider. In order to establish this, they collect all the medical records related to the treatment provided. These records act as the evidence needed for establishing that medical negligence has taken place.
  2. Once they are clear that the injuries have been caused by medical negligence, they will write to the healthcare provider or institution stating that a claim for compensation has been made against them. In some cases, liability is accepted upon receipt of this letter and negotiations begin to establish the compensation amount to be awarded.
  3. There are cases where the healthcare provider denies liability and argues that they are not at fault and cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained. In these cases, our expert Medical Negligence Lawyers would then negotiate further. If a decision cannot be reached your Medical Negligence Lawyers would then seek court action against the faulty healthcare provider. The will them court provides an opportunity to the medical care provider at fault to come to an out of court settlement with our clients.
  4. If the healthcare provider is still not prepared to come to an agreement, your Medical Negligence Lawyer will attend a court hearing and present all the evidence to judges that the practitioner was indeed at fault and responsible for causing injuries by providing the wrong treatment without following the required precautionary steps. It will then be down to the judge to decide if your case is successful or not.

Our Medical Negligence Lawyers have helped many of their clients to get substantial compensation. Each of our Medical Negligence Lawyers specialises in a particular field and has dealt with a wide range of medical negligence cases including:

  • Hospital negligence claims
  • GP negligence claims
  • Dental negligence claims
  • Cosmetic surgery negligence
  • Brain and spinal injury compensation
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology compensation
  • Cerebral palsy compensation
  • Pharmacy error
  • Cancer misdiagnosis compensation
  • Anaesthetic medicine negligence compensation

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