The U.K Negligence Compensation Claims Process

The Medical Negligence Compensation Claims Process

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Patients visit a medical care service provider to get treatment for their ailments. Once accustomed to a particular clinical care provider, patients can continue to depend on the medical caregiver to provide professional medical care. Medical care providers usually ensure that the treatment is given according to the established U.K medical standards. But there have been many instances in the past where the care provider has been found to be guilty of giving substandard medical treatment to patients, resulting in serious side effects.

In some cases, the diagnosis itself might have been wrong, after which the patient received treatment for a disease they never had. Such instances of medical negligence turn to be extremely costly for the patients and their family members. The patients have to undergo additional treatment to set right the damage caused by medical negligence. This automatically leads to additional hospitalization and medical expenditure for the family members.

Affected families have the option of seeking the help of experienced medical negligence solicitors. Medical solicitors provide free initial advice to affected family members after getting the initial details about the patient and the kind of treatment provided by the caregiver that had caused adverse side effects.

In some cases, the patient could have developed new problems as the caregiver might have missed the symptoms all together. Medical solicitors analyse the case thoroughly to find out whether the patient’s condition deteriorated due to the medical negligence of the medical care provider. After arriving at a conclusion, medical negligence solicitors will start with the medical negligence compensation claims process.

Our Medical Negligence Compensation Claims Process:

Family members planning to get the help of a medical negligence solicitor to file a claim should do so within three years of the patient getting the medical treatment.

As one of the leading medical negligence solicitors in the United Kingdom, we ensure that our clients get the maximum compensation after performing a thorough investigation of the case. Our highly experienced medical negligence solicitors start record the statement of the patient who underwent the treatment. This statement forms the basis for any future court proceedings.

Our solicitors then start collecting the affected patient’s medical records. These records will then be shared with an independent expert who has expertise in the medical and legal field. The medical expert will then go through the medical records thoroughly and create a medical report that plays a crucial role in the claims process. With the expert’s medical report in hand, our solicitors will then send a claim letter to the defendant detailing the negligent actions and also the approximate compensation amount to be paid by the defendant.

The defendants in this case should reply within 4 months of receiving the claim letter. The defendants have the option of accepting their medical negligence, or rejecting the claim. If the defendants reject the claim, court proceedings are commenced in the form of a trial proceeding in one of the district courts.

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