Time Limits

Time Limits. Each claim has a time limit and the majority of claims have a limitation of three years from the date of the accident, illness or acknowledgement. This doesn’t mean that the claim need to be settle in three years, but you must make a claim within the limited time. Give us a call so we can explain the procedure as your may have different aspects of it to consider.
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We have a dedicated and professional team of in house advisors ready to assist you in pursing your claim. They are always there to help so if you have any queries please contacr them or give them a call. 

2. The Facts

What is The Limit

In most cases you have three years from the date of the accident in which to make a claim. Every claim is different so the limitation may vary according to the circumstances  of the claim. It is always best to ask so give one of our advisors a call for further advice.

3. More Time

After 3 Years

As mentioned, it really does depend on the circumstances of the claim to determine if you can still make a claim after three years. Usually after the three year limitation has reached then you are not able to make a claim, so it is  for you to begin making a claim after accident has happened. This gives you enough time to gather information required to support your claim.

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