Accident and Emergency Compensation Claims

Accident and Emergency Compensation Claims. Medical Negligence Lawyers

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About Emergency and Accident Claims

When you are injured in an accident and reach a hospital for immediate treatment you are then usually referred to the Accident and Emergency (A & E) department within the hospital. Medical staff in the department can be hard pressed to provide quality treatment to each and every injured victim. Though the medical staff continues to try and provide quality medical treatment to the injured, due to the volume of cases there are people who end up not receiving the right level of care. In some cases, patients get the wrong treatment, resulting in minor to major side effects. These patients can approach our Medical Negligence Lawyers who have a proven track record in handling such accident and emergency victim claims.

Common Accident & Emergency Cases

There are many different types of negligence which can happen in the Accident and emergency department. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers can help you claim compensation if you have been subjected to one or more of the following conditions:

  • Healthcare provider fails to examine the patient completely
  • Healthcare provider fails to refer the patient to undergo diagnostic tests and x-ray tests
  • Healthcare provider incorrectly reads test results and provides the wrong treatment
  • Healthcare provider diagnoses a problem only at advanced stages of the symptoms
  • Healthcare provider fail to properly identify fractures suffered by accident victims

These are some of the cases where the accident victim can approach our Medical Negligence Lawyers for free legal advice.

Example of an Accident and Emergency Case

A patient who had his jaw fractured during an accident was not assessed properly while in the accident and emergency department and was simply given some anti-inflammatory tablets. The physician failed to identify the fracture suffered in the jaw. The accident victim sought the help of a reputed medical negligence lawyer and received an out of court settlement for £20,000.

Time Limits

If you or a loved one has suffered from medical negligence in the accident an emergency department you should contact us as soon as you can.

There are time limits which must be followed.

  • Adults must file a claim for compensation within three years from the date of the incident or three years from the date of acknowledgement that the injury or illness is a result of medical negligence.
  • Children have until their 21st birthday in which a claim must be filed. This is regardless of when the accident took place.
  • Adults and children without mental capacity have no time limit in which they can file a claim. This rule is very specific so if you believe this is relative in your case you should contact or Medical Negligence Lawyers to make sure this rule applies to you.
  • In fatal accidents a claim must be filed within three years from the date of death.

If you file a claim too late you may lose the right to compensation which is rightfully yours.

Team of Qualified Lawyers

Our Medical Negligence Lawyers have experience in compensation claim cases for accident and emergency department patients. We have helped thousands of people to get the deserved compensation for physical and the emotional troubles encountered. We have helped out clients to get compensation for:

  • The injury suffered and the medical treatment expenses
  • Loss of earnings during the recovery stage
  • Nursing care costs
  • Cost of special supporting equipment during the rehabilitation phase

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical negligence in the Accident and Emergency department contact our specialist Medical Negligence Lawyers for a free 15 minute consultation.

Call our Medical Negligence Lawyers on freephone 08000 488 777 or start your compensation claim online and we will call you. Medical Lawyers

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