How Much Can I Claim?

How Much Can I Claim

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Every injury is different – whether in circumstance or within the body, so it only makes sense that each personal injury lawsuit is completely different as well. This is why you need a specialist lawyer working with you – not only to ensure that you receive due justice, but to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injury.

Calculating Compensation

Any compensation that is awarded is calculated in two parts, special damages and general damages.

  • General damages are difficult to calculate as they are not quantifiable. These damages include, pain and suffering, loss of amenity, loss of ability to carry out day to day tasks, and future loss of earnings. Lawyers calculate these losses by analysing a detailed medical report and by assessing how the injury or illness has affected the claimant’s life following the negligent act.
  • Special damages are financial losses that have occurred following the negligent act. These losses can be calculated and include loss of earnings, medical bills, prescription charges, housing adaptations and transportation costs. It is important to keep any receipts or invoices for everything you have spent out on as a result of the negligent act to ensure this can be claimed back later.

How much compensation can be expected in personal injury case?

Head Injuries

While virtually any and every injury can wildly vary in severity, with head injuries this is especially true. A head injury is always life changing, if not fatal. Sometimes, a head injury is difficult to diagnose, and could result in physical injury, psychological impairment – or both. A relatively minor head injury (that is, one with no brain damage whatsoever) is compensated at up to £7,000. Personal injuries rendering sustained temporary brain damages result in much more compensation – typically near £23,000. Head injuries resulting in moderate to severe brain damages can be compensated at £120,000 plus more, as the compensation must be awarded in order to compensate for medical expenses, specialist treatments, home adaptations and mobility additions.

Lower Limb Injury

While ankle injuries are the most common (strains and sprains), serious ankle injuries involving fractures can result in compensation for up to £45,000 – however most do settle for much less, averaging £3,000. Fracturing various bones is worth various amounts of compensation – ranging from £5,000 to £150,000 – depending on the severity and permanency of the disability.

Upper Body Injury

Loss of a limb due to medical negligence is generally compensated between £70,000, whereas serious fractures to the arms are worth half as much. Development of lung conditions can also vary for compensation – anywhere from £25,000 to upwards of £100,000. There are also injuries which typically settle for around £2,000, such as broken noses, tooth loss, shattered jaws, strain injuries, etc.

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