Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Claims Medical Negligence Lawyers

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Surgery Negligence in the UK

The practice of plastic or cosmetic surgery has exploded in the UK over the past decade, with both men and women going under the knife for a wide range of new techniques. Everyone wants the newest and most advanced techniques, as they are considered to be safer, more long lasting and that they offer a better end result. However, this also results in cosmetic surgeons rushing to perform the latest techniques even if they are poorly trained in them, as they are able to command a higher fee.

No one expects that it will be their cosmetic surgery that will end up leaving them scarred or disfigured, but unfortunately it is all too common an outcome. In such a case, or even if the surgery has simply been performed to a poor standard, you may have a claim for compensation. If it can be shown that another surgeon performing the same procedure would result in much better results, then it shows the surgery was performed badly, and that the surgeon (or more realistically, his insurance company) owes you compensation.

Common Types of Negligence

The most common procedures that have ended up ultimately resulting in a compensation claim are liposuction, Botox injections, face-lifts and breast implant surgeries. This is because they are the most common forms of cosmetic surgeries performed and are often performed by those who have not had adequate training. It also shows that virtually any cosmetic surgery can result in a poor outcome, and that there is risk involved in any procedure. Our Medical Negligence Lawyers are here to help victims of cosmetic surgery errors and have helped many clients claim compensation on a “no win no fee”* basis.

What Can You Claim For?

You can claim for the cost of surgery to rectify the errors that the original surgeon made. You can also claim for any emotional distress that the event has caused and any other expenses that you have had to incur due to the mistake. This could, for example include the cost of getting to and from a more reputable cosmetic surgeon’s office. You could also claim for any loss of earnings that you have had to bear due to the mistakes of the cosmetic surgeon.

Time Limits

If you or a loved one has suffered from a cosmetic surgery error you should contact us as soon as you can.

There are time limits which must be followed;

  • Adults must file a claim for compensation within three years from the date of the incident or three years from the date of acknowledgement that the injury or illness is a result of medical negligence.
  • Children have until their 21st birthday in which a claim must be filed. This is regardless of when the accident took place.
  • Adults and children without mental capacity have no time limit in which they can file a claim. This rule is very specific so if you believe this is relative in your case you should contact or Medical Negligence Lawyers to make sure this rule applies to you.
  • In fatal cases a claim must be filled within three years from that date of death.

If a claim is filled too late you may lose the right to compensation which is rightfully yours.

If you feel that you have a case against a cosmetic surgeon, please get in contact with is and we will be able to advise further. Cosmetic surgery mistakes can be some of the most devastating medical errors, and there is no need for you to bear the emotional, physical and financial costs.

Call our Medical Negligence Lawyers on freephone 08000 488 777 or start your compensation claim online and we will call you. Medical Lawyers

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